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Time Bunnies

Doctor Who Plot Bunnies Lost In Time

Lost Plot Bunnies in Time. Someone Call The Doctor
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Plot Bunny Community for Doctor Who Fandom. Need a story written? Need Inspirations? Come on over.
There is an epidemic of Lost Plot Bunnies in the Time Space Continuum. You see, they are created by mere thought. They are spawns of “What ifs” and “this would be so cools” and of course the “Oh My God, that needs to happens”, but sadly, many of the bunnies never make it to their homes, but are instead lost in the time vortex, never to realize their full potential as fanfiction.

Well, now’s your chance to find these bunnies and give them the homes they want. This is the community where bunnies are found and adopted throughout time and space.

This is a very new community so I don't have very many rules. Just one: Be Courteous. Be Curious.

Also, please spread the word of this new community. Spread the love. We all know of someone who has fic ideas but never writes them. Give them a chance to get their ideas out there and see what others can do with them.

Good Luck!

Oh, and I'm your Mod, alieneyes. Hello.