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   Rose often had terrible night-mares, only occasionally peppered with a good dream or two. But they all had something in common, one name that followed her in every false reality:  Romanadvoratrelundar

  If I could write this one, I would. Anyway, this would preferably take place with Doctor number ten, and even more preferably sometime during Doomsday. Because you know that Romana would have no trouble sorting out an army of cybermen and Daleks. She's just awesome like that. Bonus points for angst, and even more bonus points for Jackie Tyler related angst. 

Message me if you want to/have written it!

Star Wars AU

   Less of a crossover, and more of a fusion. 
  Anyway, Rose Tyler is a tough as nails smuggler. Theta Sigma (The Tenth Doctor) is her Jedi ally (With whom she may or may not have feelings for). Jack Harkness and his crew (Donna, Gwen, Owen, Ianto, Tosh) fly on the edges of Sith space in their ship Torchwood, doing 'COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE' business. Martha Jones is an army doctor fighting for the Republic. Sarah-Jane is... well I have no idea, but the author can make it up. And Koschei (Simm! Master) is a fallen Jedi, driven bat-shit crazy by the Sith lord Rassilon.

    1. All of the characters are like described above.
    2. The plot has to have Rose as a main protagonist (And Theta/ The Doctor, of course)
    3. The Master/Koschei has to be the main Antagonist.
    4. Must take place pre- the original trilogy (WAY, WAY before the prequels as well) and I would prefer it if it took place during the time line covered by The Old Republic, but it doesn't have to be.
    5. Rose's ship is called Bad Wolf.
    Not Necessary but I would love you forever if you did:
      1. Rose's droid sounds like (and is, personality wise) Mickey Smith
      2. Romana/and or the Rani is used/mentioned.
      3. At the end, a reference to Journey's End is made (Darkness is coming, see original! Rose hopping through the Multi-verse, whatever.
      Contact me/leave a comment if you want to/have written this Plot Bunny!

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      Journey's End AU- Sort of

      Rose Tyler bounce's across the multi-verse, and recruits some allies- namely, herself.  
         I figured since Rose bounced across the multi-verse for god knows how long, she had to have met some parallel version of herself, and no matter what reality how is Rose Tyler supposed to meekly step aside while her universe is at stake! 
         This must crossover with AT LEAST ONE of the following: The Marvel-verse (comics, movies, whatever), Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Supernatural, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Preferably all of them, or anything else you can think of. 
        Bonus points if each version of rose has a human alternate reality version of the Doctor, but only one of them has a version of the tenth Doctor. Even more bonus points if Star Wars Rose is a smuggler, and Star Trek Rose is a Vulcan.

      Message me if you have/want to write it!

      Immortal Rose Original Idea

      Doctor Who
      Post Journeys End

      Rose is immortal, with her own Tardis. It has been hundreds of years for her. She has made it back to the Correct universe, and is currently wandering the stars. ( she must have undergone some sort of emotion change since then. She can't be the same go lucky 19 year old she once was. Those years of immortallity have effected her.)
      It hasn't been that long for the doctor. Maybe a few years after Journey's End ( lets forget the next few specials exist). There is something or someone stealing his thunder. Everywhere, when, and planet he visits has recently been saved by a mysterious stranger who goes by the name ( either Bad wolf or something creative). The doctor is bored and grows more and more interested and irritated at this person who is taking his place.

      1. Rose has to have changed. She must be effected by her years of immortallity and her travels. ( if you want, think of a female version of the doctor. However, some of the original Rose must still remain)
      2. When you have them meet, Rose CAN NOT IMMEDIATLY FALLBACK IN LOVE WITH HIM . ( too over done) The same goes for the doctor.
      3. Rose must have her own villains and a past
      4. Must have plot
      5. Hidden secrets
      6. Rose can not and will never be a time lady
      7. Must make sense
      ( aka the person is Rose)

      If you write this, message me

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      Doctor Who: Rose and Doctor.5 Life Prompt thingy

      So I have a vision of what Rose and the Doctor.5's life would be like after the Doctor left
      but I am a shitty writer
      Drop me a line if you want to write it

      My Version of what happened to Rose and Doctor .5 after Journey's End.

      1. The Doctor is brilliant; therefore, Doctor .5 must be brilliant. 
      Thus, if left  alone without the TARDIS, I can guarantee you that Doctor .5 could most likely build at least some sort of spaceship or time machine. I mean it won't be the TARDIS, but at least he won't be stuck on earth.

      2. I don't think that Doctor.5 and Rose's relationship would flourish right away. Doctor.5 does love Rose, but it would be a bit weird. Even with the original Doctor,they hadn't reached that level of their relationship, so it would make no sense if they jumped to sex at the very beginning. That kiss has already pushed enough boundaries.

      3. They will travel as friends at first. They understand each other in ways that no one else can, and that sticks them together. In between planets there is a lot of downtime. They slowly get to know each other again. 

      4.  They fall in love with each other (obviously). They have a girl (named after the doctor and Donna. Probably the name "doctor" is hidden in her name somewhere). They travel with her until she is 16. When she is 16 they take her to Jackie where she then goes to high school and eventually college. ( She does not work for Torchwood. She wanted a normal life)

      5. Rose and Doctor.5 meet an alternate Jack, Martha, and Donna. All of which are companions on their journey's at some point.

      6. The daughter gets a call from Alt.Jack. Rose and the Doctor.5 died defending an alien race. They sacrificed themselves to save the race. They were happy, and together.
      They died young.

      7. The Doctor finds a way to break through the universes. He looks different now; its been a while for him. The daughter knows who he is because of the TARDIS. Rose had always told her daughter that he would come after they had died. She isn't surprised to see him. She gives him a package, her mother had left it to the doctor in her will.
      The doctor goes through it with the daughter. It holds video tapes, diaries, pictures, and a note. A note to the Doctor.
      This package holds all the knowledge about their life after he left. It's Rose's last gift to him.

      The fanfic would start with the package and the daughter.

      Life I said, I am not the best writer
      but this idea won't leave me alone
      tell me what you think....

      Key things
      1. Rose has to be strong. She was working at torchwood for 2 years ( maybe more), and she was universe jumping. She must have seen and done some terrible things, so she must be some what matured.

      2. Rose's daughter would want a normal life.

      3. Rose and Pete would be on a "rose" and "pete" basis. They don't really have a father daughter relationship. More Daughter Step father relationship.

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        Challenge Number 1
      1 Firefly/ Doctor Who Crossover

      What if, instead of landing under a doctor who, The TARDIS lands on Serenity.
      What if The TARDIS was confiscated during an inspection, leaving Rose and The Doctor Stranded.

      Restrictions: I would perfer that this take place after the movie Serenity.
      Rose has to be decently strong.
      Inara and Mal should not be together yet

      For more go here
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      Many-nippled bunny

      Hi, new here

      After misreading a line of a friends fic (I thought it mentioned The Doctor having many nipples!) the plot bunny’s had me in his very tight grip. I’m not up to writing this piece that seems to inevitably be smutty! The bunny won’t let go, and I have a friend wanting to read this so I need to locate someone who will write it.

      In my head I have a companion (probably Rose) having been lovers with The Doctor for a while when he regenerates. His new regeneration has lots of nipples like many mammals.

      Feel free to play with the idea and adapt it to your tastes

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      Fifth Doc bunnies

      Am I allowed to share bunnies that are not to do with New Who but Classic Who, specifically Fifth Doc. Even more specifically, bunnies to do with Adric or will people just run for the hills screaming?
      I'd love for people NOt to take over the bunny, I want to write the story myself, but give me help on padding out, weaving a story round the bunnies.
      Bunnies so far:
      An underwater world - although i realise this is pretty much a sci fi staple! Is the underwater city at odds with the creatures living in the sea? This again seems pretty obvious
      Incorporating extrapolated ideas regarding Adric's background / genetic make-up - ie he's from marshman stock. Could he breathe underwater? What would happen if he became very cold - would he die (reptiles need sun).
      I'd like to do a story where the Doc betrays his companions. IF I can't think of any better idea, I suppose the old staple Taken Over By an Alien would account for this - but I'd really like a better idea. Why would he betray his friends? What higher purpose could he have? And yes, i really want him to do something that seems completely violently against the Doc's usual principles.
      Anyone got any ideas / further suggestions.
      bigsciencybrain Tara username

      There's A Light At The Frankenstein Place...

      Yeah, this plot bunny really did come to me in a dream, and I thought I would give it away, since I couldn't possibly do the idea justice.

      Basically, my plot bunny was a Rocky Horror Picture Show crossover with Doctor Who. Specifically, during the Year That Wasn't, The Master discovers the Rocky Horror movie, and decides to act it out, to the Doctor's horror.

      Kind of like he did with I Can't Decide. There must be a scene where The Master is in fishnets and singing Sweet Transvestite.

      Would Jack be forced to dress as Rocky? You decide! And hey--Jack might find it funny, while simultaneously being deeply disturbed.

      If someone out there wrote something like this, I would love them forever.