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Mon, Nov. 9th, 2009, 07:17 pm
cainangrey: Immortal Rose Original Idea

Doctor Who
Post Journeys End

Rose is immortal, with her own Tardis. It has been hundreds of years for her. She has made it back to the Correct universe, and is currently wandering the stars. ( she must have undergone some sort of emotion change since then. She can't be the same go lucky 19 year old she once was. Those years of immortallity have effected her.)
It hasn't been that long for the doctor. Maybe a few years after Journey's End ( lets forget the next few specials exist). There is something or someone stealing his thunder. Everywhere, when, and planet he visits has recently been saved by a mysterious stranger who goes by the name ( either Bad wolf or something creative). The doctor is bored and grows more and more interested and irritated at this person who is taking his place.

1. Rose has to have changed. She must be effected by her years of immortallity and her travels. ( if you want, think of a female version of the doctor. However, some of the original Rose must still remain)
2. When you have them meet, Rose CAN NOT IMMEDIATLY FALLBACK IN LOVE WITH HIM . ( too over done) The same goes for the doctor.
3. Rose must have her own villains and a past
4. Must have plot
5. Hidden secrets
6. Rose can not and will never be a time lady
7. Must make sense
( aka the person is Rose)

If you write this, message me