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Sun, Sep. 20th, 2009, 08:19 pm
cainangrey: Doctor Who: Rose and Doctor.5 Life Prompt thingy

So I have a vision of what Rose and the Doctor.5's life would be like after the Doctor left
but I am a shitty writer
Drop me a line if you want to write it

My Version of what happened to Rose and Doctor .5 after Journey's End.

1. The Doctor is brilliant; therefore, Doctor .5 must be brilliant. 
Thus, if left  alone without the TARDIS, I can guarantee you that Doctor .5 could most likely build at least some sort of spaceship or time machine. I mean it won't be the TARDIS, but at least he won't be stuck on earth.

2. I don't think that Doctor.5 and Rose's relationship would flourish right away. Doctor.5 does love Rose, but it would be a bit weird. Even with the original Doctor,they hadn't reached that level of their relationship, so it would make no sense if they jumped to sex at the very beginning. That kiss has already pushed enough boundaries.

3. They will travel as friends at first. They understand each other in ways that no one else can, and that sticks them together. In between planets there is a lot of downtime. They slowly get to know each other again. 

4.  They fall in love with each other (obviously). They have a girl (named after the doctor and Donna. Probably the name "doctor" is hidden in her name somewhere). They travel with her until she is 16. When she is 16 they take her to Jackie where she then goes to high school and eventually college. ( She does not work for Torchwood. She wanted a normal life)

5. Rose and Doctor.5 meet an alternate Jack, Martha, and Donna. All of which are companions on their journey's at some point.

6. The daughter gets a call from Alt.Jack. Rose and the Doctor.5 died defending an alien race. They sacrificed themselves to save the race. They were happy, and together.
They died young.

7. The Doctor finds a way to break through the universes. He looks different now; its been a while for him. The daughter knows who he is because of the TARDIS. Rose had always told her daughter that he would come after they had died. She isn't surprised to see him. She gives him a package, her mother had left it to the doctor in her will.
The doctor goes through it with the daughter. It holds video tapes, diaries, pictures, and a note. A note to the Doctor.
This package holds all the knowledge about their life after he left. It's Rose's last gift to him.

The fanfic would start with the package and the daughter.

Life I said, I am not the best writer
but this idea won't leave me alone
tell me what you think....

Key things
1. Rose has to be strong. She was working at torchwood for 2 years ( maybe more), and she was universe jumping. She must have seen and done some terrible things, so she must be some what matured.

2. Rose's daughter would want a normal life.

3. Rose and Pete would be on a "rose" and "pete" basis. They don't really have a father daughter relationship. More Daughter Step father relationship.