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Sun, Aug. 3rd, 2008, 04:27 pm
elanorsmith: Fifth Doc bunnies

Am I allowed to share bunnies that are not to do with New Who but Classic Who, specifically Fifth Doc. Even more specifically, bunnies to do with Adric or will people just run for the hills screaming?
I'd love for people NOt to take over the bunny, I want to write the story myself, but give me help on padding out, weaving a story round the bunnies.
Bunnies so far:
An underwater world - although i realise this is pretty much a sci fi staple! Is the underwater city at odds with the creatures living in the sea? This again seems pretty obvious
Incorporating extrapolated ideas regarding Adric's background / genetic make-up - ie he's from marshman stock. Could he breathe underwater? What would happen if he became very cold - would he die (reptiles need sun).
I'd like to do a story where the Doc betrays his companions. IF I can't think of any better idea, I suppose the old staple Taken Over By an Alien would account for this - but I'd really like a better idea. Why would he betray his friends? What higher purpose could he have? And yes, i really want him to do something that seems completely violently against the Doc's usual principles.
Anyone got any ideas / further suggestions.